I cater to the weekend target shooter, who likes to get the maximum potential from ones semi-auto rifle, shotgun, bolt action or pistol. I have worked triggers for Military personnel, federal/local LEO and avid target shooters. I'm located in Colorado Springs, Co. I can accommodate drop offs in 30 minutes completion time and you're on your way. Turn around time is usually a week or less for mail in's, seasonal and holiday rushes may increase turnaround time to 2-3 weeks.

FFL# 5-84-XXX-XX-XX-02962

I have 15+ years of providing quality trigger work and customer service. I can work most semi-auto rifles; certain pistols and shotguns. Email with your model for specifics; my prices are some of the lowest around.

Bill Working

Satisfaction guaranteed. At left are the services I can provide for you.10% discount off the total price for LEO, military personnel, Fire Department personnel and on three or more assorted trigger groups.

**Pull weights listed are approximate.
**Priority Mail return postage is included in all prices!

My son, just graduated from the US Airforce Academy and completed pilot training. Wow I am so proud of you and my God I miss him. Below is Joe at the Academy shooting range, he was on the combat shooting team. To the right is Joe with President Obama at the graduation.

Joe grad