Beretta ARX 160

.22 LR.

Ruger 10/22

Colt M4 .22 LR.

GSG-5/Umarex Rifle & Pistol

Walther/Umarex, G36 .22 LR.

Walther/Umarex, MP5 .22 LR.

HK 416 .22 LR.

S&W MP15

.22 LR.

Marlin 922

Marlin Semi Auto .22 LR.

Remington Semi Auto .22 LR.

Bolt Action .22 LR.

.ARX 160 Pull weight reduced to 3.5-4# with a much crisper break. Price runs $65, only the pistol grip assembly is needed.


 **Ruger 10/22 - Reduce the stock heavy trigger pull down to about 3lbs, with a very short, smooth, clean break, $55.


Hammer lightening option add $5, this adds faster and more reliable primer ignition for your stock hammer.


Trigger over travel set screw installed in your factory trigger, add $13.


Only the trigger pack is needed.


**Colt/Umarex M4 .22 LR, this is the model that utilizes a proprietary aluminum trigger pack. I can reduce the pull weight up to 40%+ and eliminate and trigger creep after trigger slack take up. Price runs $55, only the aluminum trigger pack is needed.


Trigger work for the GSG-5 .22LR, rough feel is smoothed out, trigger slack takeup reduced 60%. Actual sear to hammer trigger creep eliminated. Price runs $65, only the pistol grip assembly is needed.


Walther, Umarex MP5, G36. Stock 7-8 lbs reduced to 3.5-4 lbs with a nice crisp hammer release. Price runs $59 only the aluminum trigger pack is needed, on the G36 .22, the pistol grip assembly is required.


Hard pull reduced up to  up to 30% and creep reduced to a very short clean brake. Except for the 922m magazine disconnect is removed, only the trigger assembly is needed. $65


Winchester, Marlin, Remington .22 semi-autos


Trigger work will reduce the pull weight to about 4# with a crisp hammer release, most models runs $59 only the trigger pack is needed.


Bolt action .22's


Most .22 bolt action rifles pull reduced to the 3-4lbs range, with a very crisp striker release. Most run $89, the rifle less the stock and scope is needed.


Priority Mail return postage is included in all prices!


Any questions, or to order, please EMAIL me.