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P220, 226, 225, 227, 229, 232, 239:  Double and single action pull weight reduced up, SA trigger creep reduced to a smooth clean break at around 3.5# after the slack takeup. This is a very nice target grade trigger pull! Price runs $75, only the lower frame is needed.


P320 Series all variations, including X5: Pull weight reduced 1.5-2# from stock and will have a much crisper striker release after the trigger slack take up. Price runs $69 only the slide is needed. Apex flat faced or curved trigger with trnasfer bar supplied and installed with trigger work, add $125, the frame and slide is needed. This reduces the slack takeup, over travel and reduces the pull weight an additional .5 lbs or so. Your pistol must be a late production unit or have gone thru the Sig recall for the Apex parts. 3# competition/match work with a super crisp break and 70% shorter reset available. Please contact me for pricing and details, several options to choose from. I have performed a lot of R&D work on my P320's to offer this service.


Sig P238, P938 trigger work, pull reduced to a nice crisp break at about 4#. Price is $59 only the lower frame is needed. Your aftermarket trigger install add $19.


Sig P238, P938, Kimber Micro carry, Colt mustang. I can install your aftermarket trigger for $25. Galloway Precision has some high quality aluminum triggers available in various colors. When attempting to remove the trigger pivot pin, it can be difficult to remove. Sometimes the pin  oxidizes to the aluminum frame is maybe impossible to remove, the pin is also not of the highest grade tool steel.


Sig Mosquito & GSG Firefly, pull weight is reduced up to 2lbs from stock, SA pull is smoothed up and has a crisper hammer break. Magazine disconnect is removed, price runs $65 only the lower frame is needed. Add $10if you would like the feed ramp polished.


P210 upgrade. I can apply a 11 degree target crown, and polish the Factory trigger comtact points. I performed this on my US made P210 target, group size reduced up to 20%. Trigger pull nicely improved, the firing pin safety resistance greatly reduced.

Contact me for pricing.


Upgrade Options:


**Sig factory short reset trigger kit for the P220, P226, P229 and P239. SRT kit is supplied and installed with trigger work $135. Trigger with internal overtravel screw, suppied, add $75. This with the SRT kit makes the trigger reset travel exceptionally shrt. These items only work on the standard DA/SA versions, not the DAK or SAO.



Priority Mail return postage is included in all prices!


Any questions, or to order, please EMAIL me.