P1,P38 9mm




PPK/PPKS, Double and single action pull weight reduced up to 20%, SA trigger creep reduced to a short smooth clean break after the slack take up. Price runs $65, only the lower frame is needed. S&W/ US made reliability package, some of these have issues in feeding and ejection. Interams imports do not seem to need this option. The feed ramp will be polish and the internal action parts will be deburred and polished. Price runs $60, the pistol will be needed.


Walther P99, DA & SA pull reduced up to 2 lbs+, pull will be smoother and have a crisper break in the SA mode. Price runs $69 the pistol less the magazine needed.



Walther P22, PK380. SA reduced to about 3.5# with a clean break, magazine disconnect is removed, price runs $69 only the lower frame is needed.


Walther PPQ, CCP, PPS,pull weight reduced 1.5-2#, trigger pull is smoothed up and striker/hammer release is crisper. Price runs $75, the pistol with 1 magazine is needed. The PPQ has an APEX trigger assembly available, this reduces trigger travel by 40%, shortens reset and pre-travel, add $120.


Walther P1, P38 DA, SA pull weight reduced 1-2lbs, depending on the condition of your current springs. SA will have a much crisper hammer release, price runs $75 only the lower frame is needed.


Priority Mail return postage is included in all prices!


Any questions, or to order, please EMAIL me.