.50 Cal Browning rifles, I can work most of these rifles. I have worked Barrett's, Bohica's, Busmasters..etc 50 Brownings's. I can reduce the pull weight, creep and smooth up the pull.


Barrett M99, M95 Price runs $79 only the trigger assembly is needed, Results 4-4.5# pull with a much crisper firing pin release.


Barrett M82, M107, price runs $169. The complete bolt carrier, primary sear and the top portion of the 2 piece trigger is needed. Call me for forther instructions, add $79 if you want to send the complete lower. Results 4-4.5# with a very smooth and much crisper striker release after the trigger slack take up.


Priority Mail return postage is included in all prices!


Any questions, or to order, please EMAIL me.