I cater to the weekend target shooter, who likes to get the maximum potential from ones semi-auto rifle, shotgun, bolt action or pistol. I have worked triggers for Military personnel, federal/local LEO and avid target shooters. I'm located in Colorado Springs, Co. I can accommodate drop offs in 30 minutes completion time and you're on your way. Turn around time is usually a week or less for mail in's, seasonal and holiday rushes may increase turnaround time to 2-3 weeks.


FFL# 5-84-XXX-XX-XX-02962


I have 15+ years of providing quality trigger work and customer service. I can work most semi-auto rifles; certain pistols and shotguns. Email with your model for specifics; my prices are some of the lowest around.


Satisfaction guaranteed. At left are the services I can provide for you.10% discount off the total price for LEO, military personnel, Fire Department personnel and on three or more assorted trigger groups.


**Pull weights listed are approximate.

**Priority Mail return postage is included in all prices!



My son, graduated from the US Airforce Academy in 2012 and completed pilot training. The right pic shows Joe at the Academy shooting range, he was on the combat shooting team. To the left is Joe with President Obama at the graduation.