AR-15 / AR-10 rifles


AR-15, AR-10, all makes, standard small and large pin Colt, stock single stage - 4lbs pull, very short, smooth, clean break. $40, add $5 for "speed hammer" modification. New stock AR trigger spring kit available for $4.50 per set if needed. Pleae let me know if this is for a DPMS, Mega or Remington .308, these need a slightly different technique than standard AR-15's.

3lbs pull price is $55, 2.5lbs is $65. the 2.5lbs uses anew JP match spring set installed. 2.5 & 3# have the hammer tail removed ("speed hammer") included in the price. On Armalite/Eagle AR-10's .308, the 2.5lbs trigger may have light primer strikes on military surplus ammo because of the spring loaded firing pin, Ar-15's firing pins are free float and have reduced chance of this issue. DPMS, Megam CMMG .308's have a free float firing pin as well.

**Aftermarket match 2 stage trigger group services. reduce the pull to 3 or 4#, your choice. $49.

**Colt/Umarex M4 .22 LR, this is the model that utilizes a proprietary aluminum trigger pack. I can reduce the pull weight up to 40%+ and eliminate and trigger creep after trigger slack take up. Price runs $49, only the trigger pack is needed.

**POF trigger pack modules, these have a factory crisp break at 6lbs, I can bring this down to about 3.5lbs. $49

The trigger, hammer, disconnecter and their associated springs are all needed! If you aren't sure what to send, please email me or click here.

I recommend the 4lbs pull for duty and field rifles, 3lbs works perfectly for long range and target style shooting.

Priority Mail return postage is included in all prices!

Any questions, or to order, please EMAIL me.