Above is an independent video review of trigger work I performed on a MP5 semi-auto trigger. It has the proper 9mm hammer spring and the optional flat faced trigger installed. MP5 style trigger work averages in the low 4# range, .223, .308 averages in the 4.5-4.75# range. The later has a high pull weight due to the hammer spring is 40-50% heavier.

**Trigger work on HK 91, 93, 94, MP-5 PTR-91, all Century, SW-5, 3 and all other clones - Trigger creep reduced up to 97%+, rough feel is smoothed out, pull weight reduced to about 4.5-5lbs from the factory 10 to 12 lbs pull. MP5 triggers come out closer to 4lbs, due to the lighter hammer spring. All trigger slack, take-up, and overtravel eliminated $79. Only the trigger pack is needed, for ambi safeties the complete pistol grip asssembly is needed. A Flat faced trigger is now available, expect an additional .5-.7lbs drop in pull weight, due to better finger placement & leverage, add $54.


HK, Cetme: New recoil spring installed $35, your recoil spring could be up to 55 years old, only the buttstock/recoil system is needed.


Timney HK trigger pack upgrade, reduce the pull weight to 2.5-2.75 lbs in the 2nd stage, adjust the reset to be more positive and reliable. Price runs $85, only the trigger pack is needed.


Change all $79 prices to $85 on this page.


**MR556A1 and MR762A1 trigger work, pull weight reduced to 3-3.5lbs with a very short, smooth, crisp break. Price runs $99, the lower receiver assembly is needed.


HK91, 93, 94 SEF full auto packs converted to semi $40 or $30 with trigger job. Complete trigger packs with trigger work available at $189.


The PSG-1 is a Sniper rifle, the trigger assembly is unique, but fits Hk 91's PTR's, etc. The pistol grip assemblies where sold seperate over the last few decades. I can drop the stock 3.5# pull to about 2.75# with a crisper hammer release.


Cetme L .223, pull reduced to about 4.5# with a crisp hammer release. Price runs $79, the pistol grip assembly and safety switch is needed. New recoil spring $25.


CETME,C308 - Trigger creep reduced up to 94%+, rough feel is smoothed out, pull weight reduced 50 to 60% from the factory 10 to 12 lbs pull. Sear bar is unitized to the trigger to eliminate trigger slop $79, option to reduce trigger over travel add $4. The complete pistol grip is needed.


Cetme improved recoil buffer spring. Cetmes have a series of rubber bushings that may have hardened over the decades, this spring replaces the rubber bushing pack about 20% more effective in reducing felt recoil. price is $9 delivered or $15 installed in your buffer along with trigger work. Newer C308 Cetme's recoil buffers easily be removed via 2 allan screws in the front of the buttstock. Older Cetme's can be removed via removing the butt plate and the screw from the back end of the buttstock. This will reduce felt recoil up to 25%.


Cetme/HK, PTR-91, CAI and all clones - Adjust Ejector for more positive ejection reliability, quite a few of these rifles do no not allow the ejector to fully ride up inside the bolt head for positive ejection $10


Priority Mail return postage is included in all prices!


Any questions, or to order, please EMAIL me.