Here are the links to my friends and associates, who are very trustworthy friends in this business. Please visit these guys and support them!


Recommended Ammunition dealers: - Great source for your ammo needs. another good source for ammo.


Recommended Parts dealers: - HK parts and plastic pistol grip clip and pin services - Great source of HK and CETME parts - Numrich arms - AR-15 Accessories - Rifles, ammo, and accessories - Great place for lubrication needs. - Good source for AR-15 parts and accessories.





Recommended Builders:


SMG Guns, Great builds of famous WW2 weapons - Dakota Tactical, builder of HK rifles. - Bulider of HK's, AK's, etc Jeff Walters (Ghillibear) Bulider of HK's, AK's, etc


Shooting related websites:


Firearms training: Heartland Training Team


Recommended Forums: