HK USP, P2000, P30, HK45, VP9, Mark 23 and P7 Series Pistols


**USP, HK45, P2000, P30 full sized or compact all calibers, reduce single action weight 1 to 2#, actual sear creep reduced up to 85% after slack take up. A new match 12# or 10# hammer spring is supplied and installed, I would consider the 10# hammer spring for range use only, plase specifiy which spring you need. DA pull will drop 1-3#, depending on the model, variant and spring used. Pull weight will drop abit more when received after 2-300 rounds for break in. Price is $69. Only the lower frame less the magazine is needed.

 Mark 23 .45acp same as above. $75.

**VP9, pull weight reduced to the 3.5 or 4.5# range, your choice. Trigger creep is reduced 90%+ after the trigger slack takeup, price is $49. Pretravel can not be reduced, because the trigger bar safety would be inactivated. The short reset trigger option rudeces trigger travel up to 30% and over travel is reduced as well, add $39. Only the slide is needed for the trigger work, but the pistol less the magazine is needed for the short reset trigger and/or accuracy up grade, price runs $39 for the accuracy upgrade.

**USP, P2000 all variants. Extended magazine release (HK45c) release, I can supply and install one for $25, limited availability at times.

**H&K USP compact, USP fullsized spurred hammer supplied and installed, add $35.

**Trigger reset reduction option. P-30, P-2000, HK45, USP, all versions. Reset is reduced up to 40%+, firing pin safety block remains. Work includes USP match trigger set screw installed; add $59, USP compact add $49.

**USP SA/DA (V1) converted to LEM competition style, this is the light LEM version. Major contact surfaces are polished for a nice smooth pull. Trigger pull for the "pre-cocked" position is in the low 4lbs area. Price runs $159. Subject to LEM kit availability. P-30 and P-2000 LEM conversions are not available, the kits have dried up.

**H&K USP, HK-45, P-2000, P-30 Full Size and compacts accuracy upgrade. Maximize barrel lockup into the slide; shrink groups up to 20%. The pistol less magazine is needed. $39 with trigger work, $49 without.

**P7 Series - Reduce creep up to 80% after trigger slack takeup, pull weight reduced up to 20%. Only the slide is needed price runs $39.

Priority Mail return postage is included in all prices!
Any questions, please EMAIL me.