Barrel Crowning Services

Barrel Crowning Services

Barrel crowning services available, 11 degree target crown. This is the most accurate barrel crown available, almost all barrels have their type of unique factory crown. Above is a completed Armalite AR-24 9mm (CZ-75 copy).

Pistol barrel is $35, rifle is $50 on up depending on what the unit is.

I can repair a dinged muzzle, face and apply the new crown.


Semi auto pistol sight installation, I can install most aftermarket night sights, Meprolights, etc. Slide must have front and rear dove tails, I have the proper sight installation tools for most of the popular makes. Price is $35, only the slide and your sight set is needed.

Priority Mail return postage is included in all prices!

Any questions, or to order, please EMAIL me.

Semi auto pistol sight alignment via a chamber laser, avaiable for 9mm, .40 and .45 acp. This will aid sighting in ones pistol, minimizing ammo expenditure. Add $15, the barrel would also be needed.