HK9x C&P pistol grip housings for sale

HK Packs

HK 91 & clone, Clipped and Pinned semi auto pistol grip housings. Available in metal parked, black painted or black plastic. These Runs $75 delivered or $79 with the safety/selector switch. Pistol grip housing of your choice with semi auto trigger pack with trigger work and safety switch,, complete drop in for HK 91/clones $249 delivered.

Also available for HK93, 94, MP5 and clones, single take down buttstock pin for the same prices above, for the housing only. HK93, 94, MP5 and clone complete drop in units with trigger pack can be arranged, please inquire.


For fastest service, I can take credit cards. Trigger pack will ship out usually within 24 hours, Call me at 719-648-5725 to place an order.

Priority Mail return postage is included in all prices!

Any questions, or to order, please EMAIL me.