HK Paddle Mag Installations

HK Paddle Mag Installation

HK paddle release install. Price runs $149, only the stripped barreled receiver is needed.  Contact points are stone smooth, installation done per ATF specs with 1/8th pin. Step down paddle release bushing is a fully machined on a lathe and welded to the paddle release, not a cheap modified harware store add on.


Paddle release runs $15.

Mag catch contact point, some rifles have it, others do not. Look in the back end of the mag well. If there is a small 3/8" protrusion sticking down from the magazine shaft, you're good. Otherwise an additional $25 is needed to supply this part, I have all needed parts in stock.

**H&K/clone, Cetme bolt gap check. I'll check to see if your bolt gap is in spec, add $19. Include your bolt carrier with the barreled action. If needed, I'll supply and install oversized rollers $39.

Priority Mail return postage is included in all prices!

Any questions, or to order, please EMAIL me.