HK 91 and clones fixed stock IMPROVED BUFFER SYSTEM

HK91 standard recoil buffers have a fairly stout felt recoil. I have developed a new piston and spring assembly that reduces the felt recoil up to 30%+. Works on any HK or clone utilizing the the standard assembly pictured above. This is a great addition to collector grade HK-91's, wood stocked, Magpul stocks...etc. This is an alternative where modification to the buttstock is needed for the larger MSG-90 or dual piston G3 heavy buffers.

std buffer

Above is the prototype piston installed in a HK standard buffer assembly.  Below in the picture at the top is the improved piston and spring, next is a stock HK stock buffer and spring. The new piston is 2X longer than stock, The spring is about 25% lighter and allows much more piston travel to absorb the recoil.

a3 piston

The piston will be made by Rim Country Manufacturing, a leader in US made HK parts. This is a drop in replacement kit, price is $39 delivered priority mail. A complete HK fixed stock buffer with the improved buffer kit installed is available for $55 delivered.

Click here for buffer kit installation instructions.